We are a food and beverage group based in Singapore with more than 15 years of experience in the ownership and operation of food centres and food street in Singapore. Our business can be categorised into the (1) F&B Retail Business and (2) Outlet Management and Leasing Business. The history of our group can be traced back to January 2004 when Mr. Chu and Ms. Leow, our executive Directors, founded FCP to own and operate food centres.

A food centre is a non-air-conditioned or air-conditioned food establishment comprising individual indoor food and/or beverage stall(s) offering affordable food choices with indoor and/or outdoor dining areas. Unlike a hawker centre, a food centre, more commonly referred to as a coffee shop or eating house in Singapore, is usually privately managed. A food centre is an iconic representation of Singapore’s dining culture and is commonly found in residential and industrial estates.

Over the years, we have grown from a small food centre owner and operator into one of the largest food centre operators in Singapore. According to the CIC Report, as of 2017, our Group ranked seventh in the food centre management market in Singapore and had approximately a 4.0% share in Singapore’s food centre management market.

We believe that the locations of our food outlets are critical to the success of our business and our food outlets are strategically located throughout Singapore. In the future, our aim is to leverage our competitive advantages to expand the scale of our operations and increase our market share in the food and beverage industry in Singapore, and expand to other regions where there are related opportunities.